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Eshare Expressions Protocol

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This page has the required information for potential developers, or users of the Command Line Client.


Eshare Expressions protocol is a simple plain-text protocol, that can be entered via keyboard directly. The typical forms of a well formed message are:

<action_code> <one space> <message> <new_line>
<action_code> <one space> <user_id>:<message> <new_line>

The action_code is always a predefined three-digit number that indicates the type of the message to be sent or the type of the message received. This is followed by exactly one space character, followed by the rest of the message. The message takes one of the two forms based on the action code. In the latter form, the user_id and the message are seperated by a colon character. Both the forms have a new line character at the end.

Example messages:

	264 God
	270 God:Hello, World
In the first message, 264 indicates that a user with the id God has entered the current room. The second message means that God has sent a message "Hello, World" to the main room.

The following sections indicate some of the action codes, and their detailed meaning.
Chat Messages
SEND248 messageSend message to the main room
SEND255 user:message Send private message message to the user