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  1. What on earth does Eshare Expressions Client mean?
    There was this company called Eshare, which no longer exists (probably bought over by someone else). However, some of their products are still in existence, such as the Eshare Expressions chat software. Typically, such chat software is implemented as a Client-Server model; Server is a centralized location (such as to which Clients (such as you and me) connect to. Any software program that can communicate with the specific Server in it's language is a Client of that Server. Thus, FREEClient can talk to any Eshare Expressions Server, allowing you to see the other clients connected to the Server, chat with them and so on.
  2. I can already chat now. How is this different?
    For one thing, this is a stand alone program that you can double click and execute, without having to go through the web browser. Secondly, these programs are under active development, which means you have a better defense against some people, whose sole existence depends on being a PITA on chat rooms.
  3. How did you figure out the Eshare Expressions communication protocol? Is this legal?
    I had to reverse engineer the protocol. Thankfully, it is simple enough, and is all plain text. If you're really curious, check out the Eshare Expressions Protocol page. It is perfectly legal because: a) there is no "contract" involved - no clicking on 'I Agree' for any Terms and Conditions, b) the original client is long dead, so any users who need improvement don't have a choice.
  4. Why give these away for free? Can I share this with my friends?
    A short answer is, because no one will pay for it any way. The real reason, however, is that I believe in the Open Source philosophy of software Freedom. This means, you are free to share this with your friends, modify it however you like for your own use. Since all these programs are released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), if you plan to share the modified versions, you are also required to release the modifications under GNU GPL, which ensures that the recipient of the modified version also enjoys the same Freedom you had. For more details, check out: GNU GPL FAQ.
  5. Does this mean flooders can use these programs for malicious purposes?
    Yes and No. There will not be a ready made flooding script available, that Joe User can double-click to run. However, it is possible to write a flooding script fairly easily based on the FREEClient libraries. If someone is knowledgeable enough to write a flooding program using FREEClient libraries, chances are that they can write the program without the FREEClient. One of the main advantage of releasing the source code is that some one can add their favorite feature - such as write their own ignore filters - relatively easily.
  6. Using FREEClient, is it possible to: a) kick out some one from chat? b) know any one's IP address? c) achieve World Peace?
    No, No, and May be. FREEClient is aimed to be clean and faithful to the Eshare Protocol. Kicking out or knowing IP address of the other clients involve illegally breaking into the chat server, which is not what FREEClient wants to be.
  7. One last thing.. A/S/L?