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The whole point of developing an alternative means to connect to Eshare Expressions chat servers (such as is to offer more features than the Eshare Expressions default clients. Here is a sample list of features; some of them are still in development:
  • Improved ignore capability: Pattern based ignore filters. For example, ignore all the IDs starting with 'AbsoluteMoron' followed by any numbers (after all, there's always more than one). While we are still dreaming on, why not AutoIgnore any one who repeats the same stupid sentence for more than three times in a row? Or, have a local ignore list set up, so that our favorite(?) Anti-Social Elements (ASEs) are automatically ignored on login.
  • Saving people from Images: Not all of us really need to see that //smiley yellow face of yours.
  • Room Log and PM Receipts: If I ignore an ASE, it means I don't want to see ANY message from him/her/it at all: No Room entering leaving, PM receipts, log out, time out, kicked out, pushed off a cliff messages.
  • Bells and Whistles: Customizable text colors, ability to chat in more than one room at a time etc.
  • Open Source: Source code for all the programs is released under the GNU General Public License. This means some one else with enough time and motivation can build on this existing framework, even after I get a life and move on.